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Bernicke Platform We act as a personal Chief Financial Officer for our clients. A personal Chief Financial Officer is similar to a general contractor for one's money. We work on a consultative basis to help make sure that our clients are properly planning their important financial decisions. This frequently entails selecting and coordinating outside specialists when necessary. The following is a list of services provided by the professionals located at Bernicke Wealth Management, Ltd.

Investment Management
The professionals located at Bernicke Wealth Management, Ltd. utilize an extensively researched tactical approach to carefully construct and closely monitor investment strategies for their clients. Ty Bernicke's research on investment management has been published in national publications including Futures magazine and the Journal of Financial Planning.

Tax Minimization
Bernicke Wealth Management, Ltd. develops and monitors tax sensitive financial strategies designed to help control current and future tax implications. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ Professionals and CPAs* work in a collaborative effort with our client's financial and legal specialists to ensure a coordinated tax minimization plan.

Estate Planning
At Bernicke Wealth Management, Ltd. we strive to help ensure that our client's loved ones are properly cared for in the event of an unexpected death. Our CPAs* and estate planning professionals review, develop, and coordinate advanced strategies designed to minimize the significant costs and taxes that frequently are involved with the passing of a loved one. Where appropriate, our professionals work with our client's financial and legal specialists to help create a comprehensive plan.

Income Planning
Helping to make sure that investors maintain their desired lifestyle throughout retirement is an area that our team plans for and monitors closely. Ty Bernicke's research on this topic has been featured in more than 50 different national publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Asset Preservation
Preserving our client's assets from anticipated and unexpected risks is an important focus of our firm. This process involves identifying our client's unique risks, developing solutions that aim to help protect client's assets, and selecting the appropriate professionals to implement the plan. Asset preservation professionals may include attorneys, niche CPAs or high end insurance specialists.

*CPA services are not services of Triad Advisors, LLC.

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